Ateliers de formation aux produits d’entretien

Au programme,

  • Savon liquide

  • Gel douche

  • Eau de Javel

  • Menthol

Quand? Mercredi le 03 juillet 2019, de 09 à 16h

Où? Mboalab, Groupe Scolaire Bilingue Omgba Marie Claire, Mefou-Assi

Frais de formation : 5000 F CFA (Les produits vous sont offerts)

NB : Chacun rentrera avec des échantillons des produits fabriqués. Pour ce faire, bien vouloir se munir chacun de deux bouteilles plastiques d’1 litre.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez nous contacter aux numéros suivants : 690037866 / 694719512


Des résidences de recherche au MboaLab

De juin à juillet 2019, le Mboalab abritera quatre résidences de recherche de l’institut Africain d’Open Science & Hardware.  Il s’agit d’une variété d’opportunités de formation pour faire progresser la connaissance des chercheur(e)s sur la pratique de la science ouverte sur le continent. Vous trouverez plus d’informations à l’adresse suivante :

Health-related Workshops at MboaLab

As a science shop and research facility, the Mboalab has always upheld the position that science should serve and solve the problems of the population. Bearing the idea in mind, on June 11, 2019, health-related laboratory experiments and tests were organized and performed by the MboaLab.

Two main tests: Malaria Parasitemia determination and urine analysis were successfully performed in the lab and of up to 7 participants were involved. As for the methodology, urine and blood were collected from participants. After wet mount tests and observations, urine samples were centrifuged and the pellet fixed on microscope slides. Slides were dried, stained (Gram staining) and observed under a microscope. For Malaria parasitemia determination, thick and thin blood films were realized, dried and stained (Giemsa staining) prior observation under the microscope.

All the experiments were successfully carried out and the results obtained shared to the various participants. The activity was a real success and the benefits were twofold. We were able to run these experiments with available reagents and equipment and also to test all the equipment used and keep them in working state.

Because no action is without reaction, it was interesting to deal with the great number of people who showed interest in these experiments and wanted to participate. We remain confident that this first event will carve the path to more similar activities in the future.

Finding Convenient Systems For ROMS Games

With regards to video game emulation, individuals are split up into 2 campement, a particular for the real, hands-on steps in addition to some other for that playability from the online games. There are plenty of things need to contemplate when acquiring some sort of RANGE OF MOTION of the newest online games, which could then become your personal. We have found many info that you could get within your choice.

The first thing you must keep in mind is whether it online game you wish to find is usually any good delete word. Some individuals, that you do not have experience of these video games, purchase a RANGE OF MOTION for your motion picture that they just lately noticed inside the theatre and nothing specific about this instant not even their high quality. So , if you are contemplating buying a ROM, make certain that the coffee quality is usually highly rated.

If you consider you wish to be utterly serious about this then you must look at way up about game emulators. You will notice that there are several types of simulator readily available and you simply really need to choose whether or not you wish to use one much more should you want to get a lot of.

Well-known ROMs is also really low cost when compared to initial selling duplicates. Picking out some sort of RANGE OF MOTION, ensure that you can not buy the maximum listed ROMs, because most often have features severely limited. Therefore , for anyone who is looking for a lot of ROMs which provide games in order to rookies without pertaining to old-timers, make an attempt to think about ROMs which might be costed below 50 dollars.

While you are considering which kind of ROM you need to purchase, you should earliest considercarefully what kind of video game you intend to emulate. There are plenty of popular video games available, which include several kinds of perky online games. There are so many different types of old style games, so it will be quite difficult to select a new RANGE OF MOTION that will work properly for your particular activity.

To find the appropriate RANGE OF MOTION for your gaming, you should always take into account the objective of the RANGE OF MOTION. This will help to you a lot to discover which kind regarding games are required to become emulated. A number of ROMs will vary different types of game titles, just like firing video games, steps, tactic, etc .

Once you have made the decision relating to the types of ROMs you need to order, you should these days look at you choose to buy them out of. You may either get ROMs via the internet or go to any local retail outlet and get these people.

There are various elements that you should contemplate any time selecting where you should get ROMs, however the most crucial is the retail price. If you select online ROMs, they might could prove expensive than the real selling duplicates.

Many internet ROMs are economical when compared to genuine gaming variants. There are lots of stores providing ROMs with regard to on the net buys, so you want in order to rates before you make a final choice.

Drinking select where you will get ROMs with the video game title that you might want in order to emulate. Picking out where to obtain ROMs is normally a few personal selection.

While you are looking meant for ROMs, make certain you have become your favorite video gaming from correct supply. So , regardless of whether you obtain ROMs on line or perhaps at your local retailer-store, be sure you purchase them coming from a highly regarded shop.

African Institute of Open Science & Hardware

The African Institute of Open Science & Hardware is here! Our goal is to build capacity and stimulate research around #openscience and hardware in the African context.


Africa Open Science & Hardware (Africa OSH) is a grassroots effort that brings together researchers, technologists, hacker hobbyists, educators, government officials, and start-up innovators from around the world. Our goal is to create a conversation and set of actions on OSH, among African actors, and between them and the international community, in order to adopt OSH principles and practices appropriate to our context. After two editions of the Africa OSH Summit, it is time to take another step forward in our community’s development strategy. We are delighted to launch the African Institute of Open Science & Hardware, with its main campus in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


The mission of the Institute is to meet current research and training needs in the field of Open Science. This choice is part of the contextualisation of the Global Open Science Hardware Roadmap which lays out recommendations to make open hardware ubiquitous in science by 2025. This would be pursued through (i) activities that enable anyone to gain knowledge and find information about OSH and/or the community (Learn section) and (ii) actions aimed at creating the necessary enabling conditions for the present and future of the OSH community (Support section).

Audience & Research Areas

The African Institute of Open Science & Hardware welcomes anyone interested in Open Science in the African context, regardless of race, gender, language or  nationality. With an interdisciplinary approach, the Institute will focus on:

– Fabrication of Open Source Hardware
– Biotechnology and DIYbio
– Publishing and Scholarly Communication
– AI, IoT and Robotics
– Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation
– Intellectual Property and Open Licensing
– Social Sciences (Critical Studies of Open Science)
– Fair Open Science and Ethics of Openness


The institute will open its doors on June 3, 2019, with an open residency in Biotechnology and DIYbio. For more information, please contact us at

The Steering Committee


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AfricaOSH2020, Cameroon



We are pleased to announce that in 2020, the mboalab (Yaoundé, Cameroon), will host the – Africa Open Science & Hardware Summit.

Malan 1.0 : Le robot d’initiation à la lecture des chiffres et au comptage

Un robot conçu et fabriqué au Mboalab

Le 24 novembre dernier, la première version du Robot “Malan 1.0″ a été présentée durant le MakerCamp du Campus Numérique de la Francophonie de Yaoundé. Sous la supervision de monsieur Tabi Ebanda Bertrand (Responsable de l’axe de recherche Pédagogie Maker et Robotique Pédagique du Mboalab), notre équipe était composée de 03 élèves et d’une enseignante du Groupe Scolaire Bilingue Omgba Marie-Claire.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Malan”]

En langue Ewondo, «Malan» signifie à la fois : Je lis ou je compte. «Malan 1.0» est un robot basé surArduino, qui a été conçu et fabriqué par les élèves et enseignants du Groupe scolaire Bilingue Omgba Marie Claire. Partant de la modélisation des chiffres, ce programme est utilisé pour initier les enfants de 0 à 3 ans à la lecture des chiffres et au comptage.


Le fait que «Malan 1.0» ait été conçu autour d’un projet collaboratif mettant à contribution élèves et enseignants, présente un plusieurs intérêts. s’agit d’un moyen d’apprentissage arrimé aux transformations numériques que connait le actuellement le monde ;

2.le robot éveille et suscite l’agilité créative chez les enfants ;

3.ce projet démystifie la notion de robot, puisque ce sont les enfants eux-mêmes qui programment et font le montage électronique ;

4.sur le plan pédagogique, le «Malan 1.0» cadre très bien avec l’approche par les compétences actuellement en vigueur au Cameroun.






Le MboaLab à l’école du Ouagalab


Le célèbre ordinateur Jerry, synonyme de démystification de l’ordinateur

Du 12 au 23 novembre 2018, un membre du Mboalab a séjourné  au Ouagalab à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

À cette occasion, nous avons assisté à des ateliers de fabrication, ainsi qu’à toutes les activités de formation, de sensibilisation, etc.  À chaque fois, ces évènements drainaient du monde venu assouvir leur curiosité; ceci, indépendamment de leur profil, leur genre, leur religion ou leur situation socioéconomique.

Dès lors, le Ouagalab nous est apparu comme un véritable ilôt d’inclusion et de rassemblement des différences autour de la fabrication numérique. Et, comme un modèle de Lab riche en enseignements sur la soutenabilité des tiers-lieux de fabrication numérique en Afrique.  les différentes leçons qui en découlent seront consignées de manière détaillée dans une thèse.

The Mboalab at MIT Biosummit 2018

Du 26 au 28 octobre 2018, s’est tenu le MIT Biosummit2018  À Boston aux USA.  Dans le panel sur: “Starting & Sustaining a Community Lab”, le Mboalab a partagé son expérience de mise en place d’un Laboratoire Communautaire de Biologie au Cameroun; avec une intervention intitulée : Set up a Biology lab in Cameroon:  Needs, Challenges and Strategies for sustainability.