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Access to cheap and assorted kinds of enzymes is crucial for the development of a sustainable biobased economy. Excluding the cost of purchasing and shipping of molecular biology reagents and the occasional batch of enzymes that become inactive during transport resulting in experiments often being scale back and delayed; Another challenge for global labs lies in the fact that most biotechnology supplies need continuous access to refrigeration – known as a cold chain – from when they leave a warehouse to when they arrive at a lab. The lack of access to these enzymes is preventing entire regions, especially developing nations, from participating in the biotech economy.
As one of the main projects of MboaLab biotech, in collaboration with the Open Bioeconmy Lab, the Open Enzyme manufacturing project is a large-scale project aimed at solving the reagents access problem in Africa and the global south through research and capacity building for researchers and scientists. The idea is to use genetically modified bacteria to produce enzymes locally for research purposes. By enabling researchers to produce their own enzymes within days, we believe that the distribution will become simpler, less costly and more accessible to people worldwide.
Through the creation of an essential and open-source toolkit to cheaply produce good-quality enzymes that most molecular biologists and the synthetic biologist would be using on a daily basis, we want to provide molecular-biology researchers across the world with rapid and affordable access to molecular-biology tools. So, for every single part of the pathway of creating an enzyme we are trying to find ways to do it cheaper, faster, and easier.

For all these reasons,

we are so proud to be part of Beneficial Bio

Our Story – Beneficial.Bio

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Our Story

Beneficial Bio is a network of social enterprises run by biologists. Our goal is to help labs around the world secure reagents quickly and economically.

We founded our network because as biologists ourselves, we were tired of paying too much for reagents that took too long to arrive and didn’t serve our needs.

We knew this wasn’t just a problem in our own labs, but also in resource-limited labs around the world. And if we were going to help the world use biotechnology to benefit society, we needed a better way to procure reagents and keep our projects moving.

By partnering with scientist-owned companies in Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere, we are here to provide you with tools and services quickly, at a fair price, and with the specialised local support you need to do your best science.

Beneficial Bio Lab Services

Why Beneficial Bio?

There are plenty of reasons to count on us:

  • Fast delivery times - our market research has shown that many labs are waiting for weeks to months for essential research products, and we aim to reduce this lag to days.
  • Local and eco production - we are committed to establishing local manufacturing hubs to build resilience into our supply chain and ensure we are delivering better, faster, and fairer products.
  • All levels of our business are overseen by biologists who understand your needs. This includes training local technical support scientists to ensure you get the best out of our products.
  • We know that buying reagents can be a logistics headache. That’s why we offer payment by mobile money and credit cards, as well as direct contact with a local sales team and effective delivery tracking.

Beneficial Bio was founded by scientists like you. We are here to support the growth of research in biology and biotechnology wherever the current supply chain is limiting its potential.

We believe there is a better way that can offer researchers like you the means to do your best science and we invite you to join us.

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Join our network of biologist-led businesses with a social mission at their heart! We are actively on-boarding new distribution sites and exploring manufacturing opportunities. Contact us on for more details.

Our Team

Thomas is a social scientist deeply engaged to democratize Biotechnology in Africa


Managing Director (Cameroon)

Nadine is a microbiologist and molecular biology researcher exploring open source research tools and methods in resource limited settings.


Quality Manager (Cameroon)

Stephane is a molecular biology researcher developing and using contextualised protocols to harness the full potential of plants and microorganisms.


Production Manager (Cameroon)

Jenny is a molecular biologist and social entrepreneur, she is passionate about open source in biology.


Executive Director

Cesar is a social entrepreneur, he is passionate about bringing social ventures to life.


Operations Director

Chiara is a synthetic biologist. She is an enthusiast of automation and cell-free expression systems, sustainability is her inner drive.


Science Director

Sam is a PhD researcher in synthetic plant biology and an advocator of open science and the sustainability movement.


Marketing Coordinator

Harry Akligoh is a biomedical scientist using molecular biology in Ghana to solve local problems in his native community.


Social Media Coordinator

Lenshina Agbor’s research focuses on developing open source diagnostic tools. She’s honoured to be joining Beneficial Bio as an Advisor.



Yanick is a molecular epidemiologist passionate about public health studies and entrepreneurship


Sales Manager (Cameroon)

Linda is a lawyer and a dedicated and experienced advocate for biotechnology in the public domain.



Roxanne provides support and assistance to Jenny and the rest of the Beneficial Bio team from Cape Town, South Africa


Executive Assistant

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