Health-related Workshops at MboaLab

As a science shop and research facility, the Mboalab has always upheld the position that science should serve and solve the problems of the population. Bearing the idea in mind, on June 11, 2019, health-related laboratory experiments and tests were organized and performed by the MboaLab.

Two main tests: Malaria Parasitemia determination and urine analysis were successfully performed in the lab and of up to 7 participants were involved. As for the methodology, urine and blood were collected from participants. After wet mount tests and observations, urine samples were centrifuged and the pellet fixed on microscope slides. Slides were dried, stained (Gram staining) and observed under a microscope. For Malaria parasitemia determination, thick and thin blood films were realized, dried and stained (Giemsa staining) prior observation under the microscope.

All the experiments were successfully carried out and the results obtained shared to the various participants. The activity was a real success and the benefits were twofold. We were able to run these experiments with available reagents and equipment and also to test all the equipment used and keep them in working state.

Because no action is without reaction, it was interesting to deal with the great number of people who showed interest in these experiments and wanted to participate. We remain confident that this first event will carve the path to more similar activities in the future.

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