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Nelly Mengue Nelly is a researcher in Nutrition and Food security. She has developed a formula of supplement from local products, for children from 06 to 36 months of age. Isidore is a researcher in ICT with a strong interest in Open Education Ressources (OER) and Virtual Reality. He is training teacher to adopt ICT in their teaching practices. Isidore Ndongo Thomas is a researcher in Information and Communication, with interest in the Maker Movement. Due to his background in Biochemistry, Thomas is deeply engaged to promote DIYbio and democratize Biotechnology in Africa. Thomas Mboa Lenshina is an early career researcher at the MboaLab. With an MSc in Molecular Diagnostic Science, her current research interest includes the development of molecular diagnostic tools towards a common goal of improving the health of populaces globally. Lenshina Agbor Stephane is an early career researcher based at the MboaLab. With an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. His current research interest includes the screening of novel, cheap and environmentally friendly biologically active compounds from microorganisms Stephane Fadanka Nadine Mowoh Nadine has a background in Microbiology and Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc). Presently, she works as early career researcher at the Mboalab and has two main areas of focus: carry out research on local manufacturing of enzymes using low cost local resources; and the DNA extraction protocols that are cost effective and efficient. Siegfried S.M. Moudindoh Senior industrial engineering with several skills related to digital manufacturing. Also, promoter of Crops Tech, a startup which designs automatisms for agricultural irrigation, Siegfried has accumulated three years of experience in makerspaces. Founders Staff